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There's an estimated £20 Billion in lost pensions. The Pension Tracing Service® is an impartial service to help locate your lost pensions and then offer advice so you understand what you can do with them.

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The Pension Tracing Service® was launched in 2012 and has been helping individuals search for their lost pensions ever since.
While the UK Government's pensions tracing tool was launched in 2016, it is not affiliated with or managed by our organisation.

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We understand that it can be easy to lose track of your pensions but finding them again really couldn't be easier with the Pension Tracing Service®. We will find your pensions for free, you can cancel the service at any time and you are never under any obligation to act upon any financial advice that we may provide.
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Find it

Find your missing pensions!

We will contact HMRC, DWP, pension providers, trustees, previous employers and anywhere else where we feel your pensions might be.

Your pension tracing specialist will do everything possible to ensure that we trace your missing pension.

Find my pension
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Did you know?

We have found over £350m in pension funds since 2013
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Review it

How are your pensions doing?

We have qualified pension specialists who will assist you in the pension tracing process. Once we have further information your allocated specialist can start your pension review.

We'll find out the value of your pension, how well it's performing and what you're paying in charges. Then we'll check the whole market to show what is available in the market today, the costs and how you can use your pension savings.

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Talk to your pension specialist

When our investigations are complete we'll contact you to arrange a free call with our advisers to go through the information we have collected about your pensions and how the modern market compares.
Step 3
Improve it

What are your pension options?

You can ask for financial advice from one of our independent financial advisers. Our experts find a better pension for 7 out of every 10 people they speak to. They'll talk to you about your pension in a clear, easy to understand way and explain your options.

We will help you choose a pension that better suits your needs and if we can't improve on what you've already got or you decide not to go ahead it won't cost you a penny.

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Clear, impartial advice

Millennial Wealth comprises Independent Financial Advisers who maintain impartiality by not being affiliated with any specific pension providers, nor do they accept commissions. As a result, you can trust that the guidance provided genuinely prioritises your best interests, and any fees incurred will always be mutually agreed upon beforehand. 

Upon successfully tracking down the pensions, individuals have three options: seek consultation from another source, decide against taking further action, or choose to receive advice from an Independent Financial Adviser associated with Millennial Wealth Ltd.
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Raising awareness with the BBC

BBC Watchdog

Meet Mike Skinner. He had been trying to track his pension for over a year - Shaun Davis, pension tracing specialist, was able to locate all of the details for him and finally gave Mike Skinner the peace of mind he needed.

Tracing pensions can be time consuming, exhausting and very frustrating. so let us worry about this for you and we will sort it out.
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FAQ's about our service

Is there any charge for tracing my pensions?
No, there is no charge for the Pension Tracing Service.
Is this a government website?
No, the Pension Tracing Service® is a trading style of Millennial Wealth Ltd and has been in operation since 2012 however, we do liaise with the DWP and HMRC to help trace pensions where necessary. If you would like to use the governments service see: You can compare pension tracing services to by clicking here.
Can you trace my contracted out of SERPS pension?
Yes, part of the service is to contact HMRC to obtain any information they hold for your contracted out contributions. This will be held by a third-party administrator.
How do I find my state pension forecast?
A state pension forecast can be requested by either applying to the HMRC through the post with a BR-19 form (this can be found on either the government website application-for-a-state-pension-statement or you can download it from the Pension Tracing Service ® website by clicking here) applying through the government website
Does the HMRC hold records for all my pensions?
Unfortunately not, HMRC only holds information on the schemes the members held if they opted out of SERPS while making contributions.
How long does the process take?
The time it takes to track your pension(s) can vary depending on how many pensions you have, where they are held and the information you can supply. Our tracing liaison team can help you understand the necessary information required, chase the relevant departments for a timely response and will contact you if they need any further information.
Do you offer pension advice when my pension has been found?
The Pension Tracing Service® seeks to find your missing pension and offers information on the current pensions market. If you wish, you can receive advice from an Independent Financial Adviser who is also part of Millennial Wealth Ltd.
What are my options for advice?
Upon successfully tracking down your pensions, individuals have three options: seek consultation from another source, decide against taking further action, or choose to receive advice from an Independent Financial Adviser associated with Millennial Wealth Ltd.
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What is a SERPS Pension?

What is a Personal Pension?

What is the State Pension?

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This service is not affiliated with the Department of Work and Pensions or any government body. The Pension Tracing Service does not offer financial advice to our clients. However we can allocate you an Authorised and Regulated Pension Specialist.

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