Our pension tracing service requires 3 simple steps before we can start the tracing process. Our 3 simple steps are very straight forward and is the start of your journey.

If you had any queries regarding our 3-step-process, then you are more than welcome to contact an adviser who will be able to answer any of your questions and also give guidance if necessary.


We will conduct an initial search to locate where your pension may be, however to confirm we need your written authorisation due to data protection laws.

To have authority to trace the pensions on the behalf of yourself or a loved one, we do require a signature on our Letters of Authority - This is to show pension providers that you have given us permission to gather any pension information you may have with them.

You can get further information on what we do with the information you provide us by visiting the pages below.

Your information is secure | How your data is used


We search for pensions by contacting the pension providers who administered your previous place of work pension scheme. Your signed letters of authority will be sent to the providers who then undertake a search on their system in order to locate your details.

If they are unable to locate any of your details, don't worry! We have many pension schemes that we can check for you in order to trace your pensions.

Sometimes we may require a little bit more information or proof of some details. This may include things such as up to date proof of address, proof of name change. This will allow the providers to update their records enabling them to find your details more quickly in the future.


The Pension Tracing Service ® is not authorised to give advice on your pensions, so once we have located them you will be allocated a pension specialist who will create a bespoke report on everything that we have found.

The FCA registered and regulated pension specialist we allocate to you will be able to give you a full report about the performance of your pensions and also give you useful tips and help to make sure that you can get the absolute best out of your pensions when it comes to retirement.

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