Why use the service?

The Pension Tracing Service has been providing help and guidance to members of the public on lost pension matters for many years.

If you are just curious to whether or not you have any pensions, or if you are certain that you have lost track of your pension then we are able to assist. We even offer a free pension review for those who already have pensions but do not know what to do with them.

Having the help available can help you become more financially secure and also benefit your loved ones and your retirement.

If you have authorisation, you are then able to trace the pensions on behalf of a loved one such as a sibling or a parent. As long as they have told you they are happy for you to proceed with the service and they are able to provide signed documents then we can also trace their pensions.

The service we offer is free, we trace your pension and are able to answer any questions you may have which gives people the support they wouldn't usually get when it comes to their pensions.

Here is what our service guarantees

  • Peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones
  • 100% certainty with regards to your pensions
  • All the details for your pension
  • Further assistance once pensions have been traced
  • Financial support and assistance
  • Helpful tips on how you can trace your own pension
  • Ways you can reduce the risk of losing your pension

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