Why is a pension specialist important?

Independent Financial Advice
Once we trace your pensions an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) registered Independent Financial Adviser will contact you to produce a free pension report and provide a free and no obligation pension review. Your allocated adviser will provide you with comprehensive and unbiased independent financial advice, to help you understand what you have, your options and help ensure you make the right decisions at the right time.

First stage
The first part is to analyse your existing pension schemes. This is done in a pension summary report and contains:

  • The value of each of your pensions
  • A projection of the funds at retirement
  • A comparison with an alternative solution
  • The current investment strategy and other important information about your pensions

Your Pension Review
The pension review service will help you on your way to achieving the income and lifestyle you desire at retirement. You have made a positive start by having a pension but improper management of your pension could still leave you wanting more. The size of your final pension fund will determine how much income you have at retirement. Excessive charges, poor performance or a delay in addressing a contribution shortfall will have a dramatic impact on your fund and retirement income. A pension review will highlight these issues and help you to address them as well as detailing the benefits you can expect at retirement and how much tax free cash is available to you now and/or when your retire.

What is included in your pension review?
The adviser will produce a comprehensive and easy way to understand report that is performed in two parts.

Second Stage
The second part is to look at your objectives and construct a recommendation report. This covers:

  • Whether you will be better off making a transfer to an alternative scheme
  • What features you desire, such as being able to view your pension online
  • They will assess the risk you are prepared to take (if any) and construct a recommended portfolio
  • They will recommend a course of action

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